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Speaker Ideas

We’re looking into getting a speaker to come to the University of Iowa. If it were up to you, who would you like to see here?

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09/23/11 Meeting

Great meeting today! We have a lot to work on for next week.

The clean and procedural modeling lesson went well, we hope no one became discouraged with the complexity of the interface. If anyone is interested in learning more let us know!

As far as the project goes, we’re making progress. We have began the modeling process and started in on the graphic art.

AIUI Compendium of Knowledge

Ever wish there was one place where you could view every game, animation, and design company, conference, organization, and resource known to man–complete with websites, locations, and contact information?┬áThat is the goal of the new AIUI Compendium of Knowledge–our latest project to build a vast collection of information that we can all contribute to and benefit from.

To view the Compendium, click here. To get an entry added or edited, either leave all the pertinent info in a comment to this post, or get it to an AIUI board member.


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Great Animation Video

Hey guys,

Saw this awesome animation on Jesse’s blog ( this morning:

Great video with absolutely no facial animation or voice over. The style is pretty cool too.




Good Modeling Topology

This was posted on the OrgSync forums for the Cinema department but I think it’s important to post it on here for anyone interested. It’s a series of videos about modeling with good topology with intention to animate. Glen Southern’s tutorials have always been pretty helpful from what I have seen. Here’s the link:


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