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Spring 2012 Project Survey Link

Here’s the link to the group project survey:

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Spring 2012 Project Positions

Following are descriptions for all of the positions available for this semester’s project. There are three teams: Game Art, Game Tech, and Cinemation. Listed separately is a fourth team, Web, which is not part of the project but will function in much the same way. If you are applying for two positions, please consider the timing and intensity of the positions. Continue reading

Q&A with High Voltage Software

High Voltage SoftwareWhat a way to start the semester! We were able to get a hold of employees at High Voltage Software to answer questions about the video game industry, and how to prepare for it. The responses are broken down by the role of the person answering the questions: Producer, Programmer, Artist, and HR. A big thank you goes out to everyone at High Voltage who participated!
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Spring 2012 Begins!

Spring is upon us! We are already in the process of getting the initial ideas of the game finalized so we can spend more time working on the actual project. We can’t wait to get started!

This semester we are hoping to recruit more members so we can make an even better game than last semester. All of the board members are excited about where the club is going and this project should be a lot of fun. We will be announcing the game details in one of our upcoming meetings. 

See you at Studio Arts room 1610C, 3:00pm Fridays. Bring your A game, we’re going to make some great work this semester. 

Fall 2011 Update

Hey all, 

Fall semester is finally over and spring has started and along with it I figured we need to fill everyone in on how the game is coming! We had our first meeting for spring 2012 semester yesterday and it was awesome, we showed a demo of the game and it looks complete as ever.

Andrea did some great work on the main screen painting and the art really brings everything together in the game play. The game is available right now via email (ask us) if you’re interested in testing it. We plan to enter beta testing soon.

Not only this but the 3D animation is finished as well. 

Fall was a really busy semester, it was a great resume/portfolio builder for everyone involved. We learned a lot, did tons of research, and made some friends too. 

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