Spring 2012 Team Project Updated Position List


Storyboard Art:  Andy Hummel

Sound Design – Storyreel:  Genevieve Decker

Concept Art:  Jeremy Brown, Andy Hummel

Character Modeling:  Jeremy Brown, Nick Silhacek

Prop Modeling:  Weston Slater, Zach Arenson

Environment Modeling:  Yuanbo Chen, ChingFang Chuang

UV/Textures:  TBD

Rigging:  Dave Senter

Character Animation:  Dave Senter, Nick Silhacek

Sound Design – Cinemation:  Genevieve Decker

Cameras:  Dave Senter

Lighting:  TBD

Effects:  TBD

Editing/Compositing:  TBD


Character Art:  Xindeling Pan, Tianfang Wang, (Andrea Jackson)

Prop Art:  Andy Hummel

Effects:  Rani Kumar

Level Design:  Yan Wen, (Rani Kumar)

UI Design:  Rani Kumar, Jeannie Deschamps

Sound Design – Game:  Jessica Kizzire


Game Programmer:  Ryan Holtkamp, Fidi Nagy, Sephra Byrnes, Ryan Nieland

UI Programmer:  Siwen Guo

Social Programmer:  Joe McKenna, Angel Peet

Monetization Programmer:  SM Sajid Al

QA Tester:  Renxuan Xiao, Angel Peet


Web Design/Development:  Xindeling Pan, Yuanbo Chen, Jeannie Deschamps, Megan Mathews

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