Hey all, 

Below are the details for the AIUI sponsored Game Jam coming up March 23rd to March 25th. 


Location: Studio Arts Building, Iowa City, IA (old Menards building), room 1610. 

Date/Time: March 23-25, 5:00pm start on Friday, ending with the Show-N-Tell at 6:00pm on Sunday

Theme: Smuggling

Parking: Free, large lot in front of Studio Arts building. 

Food: Snacks and beverages will be provided. We are open to suggestions 

Sleeping: Sleeping bags can be rolled out on the floor, although it is uncarpeted. We plan to bring a few cushioned benches into the area. Aside form that a hotel is always an option, couchsurfing, or trusting a local (we don’t bite). 

Computers/Software: 8 PCs have been given local account access for non-students to use. They have the latest Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3DS Max, Mudbox, and AutoCAD. Small Wacom tablets are also attached to each computer. If you wish to bring your own tablet, we can’t guarantee it will work without administrative privileges. Programmers, you may want to bring your own PC, we are limited as far as development tools go. Please bring extension cords, we will have a few on hand. Internet can be taken from one of the cords plugged into PCs on site that isn’t being used. 

Schedule: Chris Renaud will be kicking off the event at 5:00pm with a talk. Following that will be idea pitching and team formation at 6:00pm. There will be a Google Hangout for those who can’t make it here physically. After the team formation, it’s game-making time! Show-N-Tell is 6:00pm on Sunday. 


If you have any questions please forward inquiries to Nick Silhacek,

It’s going to be awesome! See you there. 


2 thoughts on “GAME JAM!

  1. Beige Turner says:

    Just checking in on when the “reviews” of the game jam games will be posted, I’d like to play what the others’ made.

    • AIUI says:

      hey beige, we have posted what people have sent us.

      we made the mistake of not getting the games from people before they left for the weekend.

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