Game Jam Success!

This post is a little late, but we still want to give a shout out and a huge thanks to everyone that attended our Spring Game Jam in March. We are still collecting information on all the games created, so we will be posting throughout the week as we receive stuff from attendees. If you attended and want to see your game on here try to get a hold of one of the board members.

So, without further ado, here are the games:

Zombie Punch


Art: Rob Keiser
Code: Tom Heinecke
Laungage: as3 compiled in Flashdevolop using a custom fork of flashpunk library. Our goal was a highschool zombieLaungage as3 compiled in Flashdevolop using a custom fork of flashpunk library.
Experience: Our goal was a highschool zombie beatemup with a focus on punching. I added in the defend the girlfriend mechanic just because we didn’t have time to really flush out an adventure map. We both learned alot from the jam, it was fun but I will never make another game again.


Who are you and what do you do?
Name: Josh Larson
Who am I: I’m a quiet dreamer who loves God, people, adventure, the joy of creating, and good food. I’m happily married and live in Des Moines.
What I do: I do videogame and software development under contract. I search for more meaningful videogame experiences by working on my own projects and hunting down obscure experiments. When I find out something interesting, I write about it on my blog or discuss with others in the indie game developer community.
What was the name of your game and a brief description.
Name: Untitled
Description: Ryan and I developed a 4-player 3D multiplayer racing game prototype. Three players take on the role of larger trucks as they drive through the narrow street of a third-world slum to smuggle medicine to those in need. They are chased by the fourth player, a mercenary in a car hired by the pharma company.
What did you think of the event overall?
I love game jams. I mean I really love game jams. This one was a great experience. Most of the jams I’ve participated in I had to help organize, but for this one I could just focus on being a participant. I really enjoyed the space and the chance to work with new people. It was a bit of a surprise to lose one of our team shortly after we created our concept, but Ryan and I still had something interesting by the end. I was hoping the speaker would have talked more directly about game development, but I appreciated how he challenged everyone to think beyond just games for fun. Despite liking the space a lot, it would have been nice to be able to exit the building after hours and come back in. I also couldn’t show our game because the computers in the computer lab had really strict network security. But I still had a lot of fun.

And you must choose between either haveing a Panda or a Sloth and why.   <-(dont skimp on the details…)
I’m assuming “having” a panda or sloth would involve taking care of one, which I’m not very keen on doing. So I would choose a sloth since I could leave for work and come back and be pretty much guaranteed it was in the same spot I left it. The other awesome thing is that sloths are slow enough you could leave one in front of a window, and a passerby would be unsure as to whether or not it was real.

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