Game Tournament Success!

I would like to start off by giving a huge thanks to everyone that made our first ever charity game tournament a huge success! You all deserve to give yourself a pat on the back because we raised $287.25 for Child’s Play to donate toys and games to the The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

For those of you who missed out, we featured N64 Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends for the tournament and tons of free pizza and beverage this past weekend. The top two Super Smash Bros. players and winning League of Legends team all received gift cards to Best Buy. Way to go, guys! I know everyone put up a good fight and all the participants can feel good about supporting such a great organization.

Because of this awesome community, you can all look forward to more tournaments and other sorts of events from EPX Studio. All of our events will be posted here on our blog and our Facebook page. Here’s to many, many more years of tournaments!


(From left to right) 2nd place: Ben Nadler ; 1st place: Alex Nuccio ; 3rd place: Bret Alexander

ImageSuper Smash Bros!

ImageTeam K5: Brian Ko ; Hayden Lee ; Junmi Jung ; Jiho Park ; Young Tak Ryu

ImageThanks to all the League of Legends players for your cooperation and your patience while tech issues were being handled.


Xbox Kinect dance off!




ImageOur own exhibition booth displaying our past projects


I cannot thank everyone enough for making this possible. I hope everyone had a blast!

-Rani Kumar


One thought on “Game Tournament Success!

  1. […] the game has a hardcore side, while still being inviting to newbies. This was apparent at a recent EPX Smash Bros. tournament I attended where Persona was all the rage despite the fact that hardly anybody had played it […]

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