EPX Arena!

Thanks to everyone that attended the tournmanent. It seems like everyone had a blast! Because of the big turnout and everyones help and support, we expect to have an even bigger tournament next time and will take everyones comments into consideration. Things will only get better from here.

A recap of Saturday’s winners:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
1. Blake Campbell
2. Sanjay Kumar
3. Wes Eck

Fifa ’13:
1. Josh Maddox
2. Dan Lanning

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom:
1. Guilherme Prudente
2. Rene Castaneda
3. Nick Steffas

Halo Reach:
1. Team X
2. Team 2
3. Team 3

Leage of Legends:
1. West Side Drive
2. Yodisyabois
3. Video and Games


This is just a taste of what we captured from the tournament. Tons more photos to appear soon!


Thanks again for all your help and support


EPX Studio


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