About EPX Studio

The world is increasingly moving from static to animated, linear to nonlinear, and passive to interactive. EPX Studio (formerly AIUI) is dedicated to mastering the principles and technologies driving these changes.

EPX Studio (pronounced epics) is a student organization that first started in 2011 to develop different media like video games, animations, websites, product design, robotics, and whatever else our members are interested in. We do this by providing an interdisciplinary, educational environment for talented, self-driven individuals. We utilize our N.E.R.D.S. (networking, education, resources, development, and support) core to design interactive digital media. Through networking, we provide education and resources for our yearly projects and each member’s development is promoted, while creating a supportive environment.

We are always looking for students or community members interested in the fields of interactive media (games, animations, websites, robotics, product design) to come work with us no matter what their background: business, journalism and writing, the arts, computer science, engineering, etc. If you are interested please visit our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aiorg/



President – Ryan Holtkamp: ryan-holtkamp@uiowa.edu

Vice President – Nickolas Shepperd: nickolas-shepperd@uiowa.edu

Treasurer – Christopher Boswell: christopher-boswell@uiowa.edu

Marketing Director – Nathan Gartin: nathan-gartin@uiowa.edu

Event Coordinator- Megan Mathews: megan-mathews@uiowa.edu




***The statements, expressed opinions and links displayed on EPX Studio Web pages are generated and posted by the student members of EPX Studio. No official endorsement or approval by the University of Iowa of the viewpoints expressed on this web page or any of the student organization activities described on this web page should be inferred. The activities and events of this student organization are not necessarily sponsored or approved by the University of Iowa.***


2 thoughts on “About EPX Studio

  1. Fidi says:

    My name is Fidi Nagy, and I’m a student at the University of Iowa. The other day, I stumbled upon one of the group’s poster, and became extremely interested in joining. Unfortunately, I also realize that I’ve missed a good chunk of the meetings that have occurred thus far. I guess I was just wondering whether it was still possible to join in on the fun, or if it’s too late. Thanks!

  2. […] identifies as a painter, but her duties as the president of EPX Studio at the University of Iowa demand a much broader set of skills than those of a traditional artist. […]

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