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Viking Intro update

Viking Intro Start

Here is a link to the beginning of the Viking Intro animation! Take a look! The camera angles haven’t been appropriately set up, but hopefully you can get a feel for the animation. This is a test to see how it looks so far and will be more polished after some tweaking.

Can’t wait for the end result!



QA Sheet for Testers and Programmers

Hi there. This is for a quick link to the QA bug-tracking sheet. Click here if you just need to see the sheet. If you want to modify it, you’ll need to open the googledoc.

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OrgSync is our Project Management System!

We had planned on using Zoho for our project management; however, once we were informed of OrgSync’s unlimited file-uploading/sharing… Well, it would have been irresponsible for us to use anything else. Click the link below to join our OrgSync page if you haven’t already!

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Brainstorm Results

Hey all, here are the brainstorm results from our 2nd official meeting:

Be thinking about how these could be applied to the game as far as: Gameplay, art style, NPCs, etc. Continue reading

Team Positions

Here are the team positions the board decided on this afternoon!

This is a preliminary list at the moment, if you have any issues with assigned positions please email or speak with a board member. See you all Friday for our brainstorming session have the ideas ready! Continue reading

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