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2012 AIUI Council elections will be held Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 4:00pm

There are five positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Programming Director
  • Public Relations Director

Tenure begins April 1 and ends March 31.

In order to be considered for office, an individual must be a registered student at the University of Iowa and currently listed as an active member. Continue reading

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Spring 2012 Schedule of Events

Greetings! If you’re wondering about upcoming AIUI events, you’ve come to the right place. More detailed info about special events will be forthcoming as they get nearer.

Continue reading

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Spring 2012 Team Project Updated Position List


Storyboard Art:  Andy Hummel

Sound Design – Storyreel:  Genevieve Decker

Concept Art:  Jeremy Brown, Andy Hummel

Character Modeling:  Jeremy Brown, Nick Silhacek

Prop Modeling:  Weston Slater, Zach Arenson

Environment Modeling:  Yuanbo Chen, ChingFang Chuang

UV/Textures:  TBD

Rigging:  Dave Senter

Character Animation:  Dave Senter, Nick Silhacek

Sound Design – Cinemation:  Genevieve Decker

Cameras:  Dave Senter

Lighting:  TBD

Effects:  TBD

Editing/Compositing:  TBD


Character Art:  Xindeling Pan, Tianfang Wang, (Andrea Jackson)

Prop Art:  Andy Hummel

Effects:  Rani Kumar

Level Design:  Yan Wen, (Rani Kumar)

UI Design:  Rani Kumar, Jeannie Deschamps

Sound Design – Game:  Jessica Kizzire


Game Programmer:  Ryan Holtkamp, Fidi Nagy, Sephra Byrnes, Ryan Nieland

UI Programmer:  Siwen Guo

Social Programmer:  Joe McKenna, Angel Peet

Monetization Programmer:  SM Sajid Al

QA Tester:  Renxuan Xiao, Angel Peet


Web Design/Development:  Xindeling Pan, Yuanbo Chen, Jeannie Deschamps, Megan Mathews

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AIUI Compendium of Knowledge

Ever wish there was one place where you could view every game, animation, and design company, conference, organization, and resource known to man–complete with websites, locations, and contact information? That is the goal of the new AIUI Compendium of Knowledge–our latest project to build a vast collection of information that we can all contribute to and benefit from.

To view the Compendium, click here. To get an entry added or edited, either leave all the pertinent info in a comment to this post, or get it to an AIUI board member.


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