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EPX 2013-2014, a year in review

Look at these screenshots of some of the stuff EPX has been working on.

Feel free to comment with questions, but I won’t be able to answer because I have no idea what is going on.


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Its been a while…

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.39.39 PMWell, EPX has gone through some changes in the last semester, new people, new vibes, new ideas. Times are a changin. Its a great time to be alive. How’s that for PR?

In other news: EPX ARENA IS A THING. So check it out. The University of Iowa Library is being very kind and hosting our event, which will include tournaments in League of Legends and SSB Brawl for certain. Other games will be added and I’ll keep everyone posted as to that. I’m just going to start hammering out updates like a freaking AMINAL

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EPX Arena!

Thanks to everyone that attended the tournmanent. It seems like everyone had a blast! Because of the big turnout and everyones help and support, we expect to have an even bigger tournament next time and will take everyones comments into consideration. Things will only get better from here.

A recap of Saturday’s winners:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
1. Blake Campbell
2. Sanjay Kumar
3. Wes Eck

Fifa ’13:
1. Josh Maddox
2. Dan Lanning

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom:
1. Guilherme Prudente
2. Rene Castaneda
3. Nick Steffas

Halo Reach:
1. Team X
2. Team 2
3. Team 3

Leage of Legends:
1. West Side Drive
2. Yodisyabois
3. Video and Games


This is just a taste of what we captured from the tournament. Tons more photos to appear soon!


Thanks again for all your help and support


EPX Studio

Oct. 26 / Illustrator Tutorial

At last Friday’s meeting, the learning session was an introduction to Adobe Illustrator. Thanks to those who attended and followed along. It was a rather brief intro followed by a demonstration, which somehow produced this:

I hope that sparked some inspiration for the t-shirt contest! We will be going over the designs tomorrow and voting as a group. It’s going to be a tough decision between the fantastic designs that have been submitted so far. The winning design will be posted here.

After the meeting tomorrow, I hope everyone gets super pumped for the first ever EPX Arena video game tournament  on Saturday. We have been working really hard to make this tournament come true, so we hope to see everyone there! This poster pretty much explains all the kinds of awesome it is going to be:

(Poster by: Andrew Hummel)


Look forward to a recap and photos of the tournament in the coming week.

Casey Lynch (editor in chief at IGN.com) recently visited University of Iowa and on his last day here he was able to drop by and speak to EPX Studio about gaming in general and was able to squeeze in time for a presentation on the current stage of the game in development- “Time Trap”. The session started with Casey taking a myriad of questions from the members of EPX Studio ranging from his views on motion sensor technology to his take on digital distribution. Casey stated that he personally believed the newer innovations will be part of gaming’s future such as the Oculus Rift (a Virtual Reality headset in development), but he considers these all additional optional add-ons and nothing can really replace the stable input controllers we have today. He also believes that what we have today can be pushed to a higher degree of interaction such as the Kinect serving as an extension for the existing controls and being used to interact with the HUD in games such as Halo.

When asked about how he felt the distribution of games work now a days, Casey explained that near the end of a console’s lifespan, less ventures are made to sell boxed copies of games unless it’s predetermined to sell well due to it having an established name (such as Mario, CoD, ect.) but digital distribution is the more viable alternative that has been established to ensure games can be sold without worry of producing physical supply (outlets such as Steam exist to fill this void.) He also briefly talked about Ouya, the open source console and how he felt it was a good idea and the idea of using Kickstarter to raise initial capital was smart and effective. Among many questions he responded to though, the most notable one was to list his personal favorites which he was able to rail off quite the list- Diablo II, Chrono Trigger, Halo 2, FFIV, Planescape Torment,Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Dark Souls, Pokemon Blue, Earthbound, Megaman 3, and Ultima IV.

As for the presentation, EPX was able to showcase the preliminary skeleton of the game in terms of the story of sibling conflict resulting in the incident that sets up the premise for the game and the protagonists of the small and brainy brother, and muscular plus brawny sister. Each group was able to present tidbits of what their stage’s design or story has been developed to, with Level 1 having the map’s bare landscape fleshed out and walkable already. Level 6 presented the general flow of the stage and the idea of making it a split stage to encourage re playability. UI Design was also able to showcase an early idea of what they designed for the interface of the game.


-Patrick Chang

Casey Lynch Visit

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